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Seed Stewards

“Seed stewardship” involves the decision to consciously manage the symbiotic relationship between humans and food-providing plants on which our societies depend – with the regenerative goals of promoting biodiversity, food abundance, and resilience. Seeds are central to the continued abundance of our food, yet so few of us enjoy a conscious relationship with this element of the food cycle.

Our Focus

We see seeds as a freely flowing shared ecological resource in a changing climate and an opportunity for greater conscious connection between humans and nature. We co-create seed stewardship initiatives in the Caribbean and Latin America that strengthen seed stewardship in any way, spread awareness of its value, and support connections among actors and communities. We focus on:

Catalytic Events

 that inspire, educate, and connect persons (such as seed exchanges, workshops, advocacy)


that helps us better understand and respond to any element of seed stewardship in a local context

Seed Projects

that help make a diversity of seeds more easily available for communities (such as seed libraries, growing & distributing seeds) 

Novel Approaches

that advance seed stewardship in new and interesting ways, including art.

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