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Earth Building Immersion

Build from the ground up.
August 17-23, 2024 in Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago

Wa Samaki Ecosystems + OneRegeneration

Learn to build with Earth in community. Immerse yourself in hands-on sustainable building!
Explore using materials from your surroundings for construction. Build earthen walls, mould cob bricks, learn the art of tapia and natural plastering. Start building from the very first day!

This 7-Day program is a collaboration between Wa Samaki Ecosystems and OneRegeneration.

No prior experience required!

Earthen Wall Kitchen - Wa Samaki
“There’s no distinction between art, work, meditation and education, in the past everything was done with intention, care and in the best possible way, every action a sacred process.” 

What will we learn?

Learn to use every element as a possible building material.

Get to know and connect with clay, sand and straw as building materials

Learn to build Earthen walls from start to finish

Make clay bricks that last

Explore modern & ancient building techniques.

Learn field tests to determine how to use materials

Learn how to use recycled materials in building

Practice preparing mud + testing your own mixes

Learn specific techniques: Adobe, Cob, Tapia, Rolled Straw, Framed Straw, plastering.

Plastering Earthen Wall - Wa Samaki

What is Earth Building?

The art and science of creating structures and building materials using materials available in your ecosystem.  It includes the techniques of moulding, sculpting and carving buildings with local resources, taking into account social justice and the wellbeing of the planet.


This 7-day immersion provides foundational Earth building skills combined with lots of practice and repetition to deepen your natural building journey now.

Day 1-2
Earth Building: Fundamentals
  • Explore the fascinating techniques and history of Earth building around the world

  • Start working with clay as a building material. Make bricks and test mixes.

  • Visit Earthen structures, learning different earth building techniques used on-site

  • Learn basic plastering techniques and mixes

Day 4
Earthen Walls: First Layer
  • Hands-on making of mixes of clay, sand, and grass for construction

  • Applying and layering mixes with proper technique

  • Completing the first, inner layer

Day 6-7
The Art of Plastering
  • Learn how to mix and apply a final plaster for waterproofing, seal, and aesthetics

  • Learn how to apply art to walls from design to finish

  • Create beautiful earthen art and apply final plasters for structures at Wa Samaki.

Day 3
Earthen Walls: The Frame
  • Explore key techniques for constructing stable, safe, and durable walls

  • Hands-on installation of the “skeleton” for an earthen wall

  • Harvest, dry and prepare vetiver grass for construction mixes

  • Learn to integrate recycled glass bottles into a wall’s frame

Day 5
Earthen Walls: Second Layer
  • Hands-on production of the mixes for the second layer/thick paste plaster that gives strength and durability

  • Application of the second layer with proper technique


Wa Samaki Ecosystems
Freeport, Trinidad

The Course will be hosted at Wa Samaki Ecosystems in Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago. Wa Samaki Ecosystems, created in 1997, offers a working example of a Permaculture operation producing cut flowers for the local market, organic food for household consumption, wildlife conservation, watershed rehabilitation, Permaculture Design Courses, workshops and volunteer and internship opportunities. 

Wa Samaki has several earthen structures across the property plus an abundant supply of heavy clay soil and vetiver grass that we will be using to make cob mixes.