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Breadfruit Split Pea Salad


Michelle Dennis-Mitchell

A sweet and savoury dish

Breadfruit Split Pea Salad

Michelle Dennis-Mitchell


During a recent visit, my sistren Winsome said:

"You know, you can use breadfruit to make a salad, like a potato salad.  You don't have to use mayonnaise as the salad dressing. You can make a vegan vinaigrette instead."

And so I did. 

We cooked and chopped a fit breadfruit from our tree Freddy and added some leftover cooked split peas for protein. 

Our farmstead fruit vineger and a ripe banana blended together to bring the sweet-tangy creamy sensation we'd get from a mayo-based dressing.

Flavoured with chopped herbs and seasonings from the forest garden: 

+ garlic vine

+ pepper elder

+ scotch bonnet pepper 

+ wild basil

+ pimento leaf (gift from Winsome's farm)

It turned out nice.

So nice, it was a challenge to stop eating and hold back a few spoonfuls for the photo.

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