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Breadfruit Salad


The Garden L.I.F.E (Living in Full Energy)

A breadfruit version of potato salad

Breadfruit Salad

The Garden L.I.F.E (Living in Full Energy)


Breadfruit is in, potato is out with this recipes.


  • Breadfruit (preferably a yellow-heart)

  • String Beans

  • Diced Carrots

  • Onion

  • Green onion

  • Can of corn

  • Mayonnaise

  • Salt

  • Jerk seasoning (optional)


  1. Wash and peel bread (preferably a yellow heart breadfruit). Dice into chewable chunks.

  2. Add to boiling salted water along with string beans and diced carrots, until cooked.

  3. Apply "shock" method, immerse in ice water to stop cooking process.

  4. Chop up a medium onion and green onions.

  5. In a clean container (preferably a glass container) add the breadfruit mixture, a tin of corn (drained), chopped veggies, mayonnaise, and salt to taste. For a "kick", add a tbsp of jerk seasoning. Garnish.

  6. Put in fridge and serve cold.

Goes well with everything and anything. To get crazy use a roasted yellow heart breadfruit that is semi ripe.

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