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Earth Building Incubator

Incubating regenerative approaches through Permaculture Design

Our goal is to contribute to a harmonious world in which people play conscious roles in their ecosystems as part of daily life. We support individuals and groups to learn Earth Building and spead the practice

Earth Building Training: Immersive group learning that explores the arr and science of using materials from your surroundings for construction

Service Learning: Participants undertake earth building projects at a local site to support community, deepend their skills, and provide working demonstrations .

Earth Building?

Earth Building is the art & science of creating structures and items using materials available in our ecosystem. It includes moulding and sculpting buildings and items using earth along with local and recycled resources.

Earth Building invites us to see every element as a possible building material. And asks us to take into account social justice and the wellbeing of the whole planet in our design and construction - prioritizing structures that harmonize with the environment, create minimal disturbance, and return to the Earth gracefully.


Earth Building Training

A comprehensive and practical program of learning and practice in partnership with one of our local partners. 

Group Learning

Exploration of ecological thinking and perspectives to the built environment with a diverse group of persons focused on similar themes.

Service Learning

Practice and mentorship matter. We connect participants with a local site to undertake supervised earth building projects.


Opportunities to connect with a growing community of regenerative practitioners locally and across the Caribbean.

The Incubator is for persons in the Caribbean who are interested in living regeneratively and practicing Permaculture strategies. This includes farmers, environmental advocates, town planners, landowners, business operators, and anyone with a desire to explore this field!


This is a rolling programme. To  receive more detailed information, contact us below or via email at

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