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Immersive learning experience 
May 22 - 27, 2024 in St. Ann, Jamaica

Learn permaculture with others who share a passion for Earth Care. 

Explore whole-system design and practice applying Permaculture concepts from the very first day

We will explore core concepts of Permaculture Design combined with fun, practical activities that develop your ecological 'designer's mind' and build life skills. You can live on-site in our residential retreat or manage your own accomodation and attend sessions each day.

Create the foundation to see Earth differently, build soil, grow food, read landscapes, and design thriving living environments. No prior knowledge required.

Bilingüe: Español (abajo)

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In the forest
When we work with nature, rather than trying to impose our will, the solution is often found within the problem. 

    - David Holmgren, Permaculture co-originator

We will cover:

Permaculture Design Principles and Ethics

Reading Landscape and Site Analysis

Soils and Composting

Designing for Water

Ecosystems and Microclimates

Trees and Food Forrests

and much more!

 (full topic list below)

The Permaculture Design Tree

Why Permaculture

Permaculture is a holistic design approach that creates productive systems for human settlement in greater harmony with nature. From growing food regeneratively to bio-construction, Permaculture approaches can be applied to homes, communities, broadscale farming and ultimately, ecosystem restoration.

Permaculture presents a set of design principles derived using ‘whole-systems thinking’ that looks on systems in all their functions, rather than asking only one yield of them;


Artvark Centre
St. Ann, Jamaica

Artvark Centre is a nature-based retreat space in Colgate, St. Ann (approximately 20 minutes from Ocho Rios). The venue will provide a tangible space for practicing site analysis, reading landscape, making compost and more!
It is designed for co-living, learning, and exploration surrounded by mountain forest overlooking sea. The location has comfortable teaching spaces, a pool, modern rooms, and WiFi. 

Our host location is also beginning their Permaculture journey and will be using this course to deepen their own site analysis and planning.