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Breadfruit Biscuits



Pan baked biscuits for any occasion

Breadfruit Biscuits



These biscuits bring back the memories fry bakes from childhood.



  • A Ripe Breadfruit

  • Ground Oats Flour 2 cups

  • Water 1tbsp


  1. Mash the ripe breadfruit and mix with oat flour, slowly add the water until the mixture is of a thick, smooth, dough-like texture.

  2. Bring a cooking pan to medium heat on the stove top. 

  3. Form the mixture into medium sized balls, place three balls at a time in the hot pan. When the ball is brown on one side, flip it over and flatten it into round shapes.

  4. Evenly cook and flatten on both sides.

  5. Remove from pan, allow to cool and serve with bean stew and fresh salad.

Makes 12 medium sized biscuits

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